Monthly Archive:: February 2016

Why Waterproofing Roof Is So Important

When you own a commercial building, the benefits and beauty of a vegetative green roof can be obscured quickly if the roofing system that is below begins to leak. In order to ensure that this does not happen, waterproofing roof is essential. Some tips to help you do just that, are highlighted here. Consider the

Commercial Roof Repair—The First Tool in the Box is a Good Maintenance Plan

Commercial roofing systems are often under-represented in asset management strategies. Not only does a commercial roof protect the building and the people, assets and information inside it, but it also represents a significant investment for a structure of any size. Although commercial roofing systems are designed with the longevity of performance as a priority, one

What Is An Inconel 718 Bar And Its Uses?

An Inconel alloy is a material that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and is used in extreme environments that are frequently subjected to heat and pressure. When heated, it will form an oxide layer that is thick and stable, which will protect the surface. It will hold its strength, even when at high temperatures,

Plastic Dip Molding Will Ensure Quality

Getting your consumer goods coated in a tough plastic shell will extend their effective lifespan by years, and can also make them safer for end users. Especially for items that have sharp metal points or bends, or ones that will be exposed to conditions that might lead to significant corrosion, a plastic coat will help

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