Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings in Loveland CO

The government has been advising dentists to limit the use of mercury amalgam and provide their patients with information that will allow them to make an informed choice about the materials used for their tooth colored fillings in Loveland CO. This involves assessing the risks and benefits of these materials and the appropriate alternatives. When a patient needs to replace an old filling, or install a new one due to a cavity, the dentist can recommend various materials that each have advantages and disadvantages.

Direct composites

Indications are when the cavity to be restored is small (less than half the width of the tooth). The cavity is first cleaned and sealed with a liquid resin. The composite is then pasted and polymerized (hardened) with an intense light. The composites are made of about 85% silica particles and 15% resin. Advantages of the procedure are many. For instance, these are Tooth Colored Fillings in Loveland CO, which means they are more aesthetic. They are much more biocompatible than mercury amalgams and can be repaired without requiring replacement of all restorations. This is the most economical of the permanent alternatives to amalgam. However, there are disadvantages. For those who grind their teeth, these fillings wear down more quickly than amalgam filling. The tooth may remain slightly sensitive to changes in temperature too.

CEREC fillings

When the cavity or restoration to be replaced is larger or involves supporting cusps (working tips of the teeth), the dentist may choose this option. It is manufactured by computer diagnostics and done so in a single appointment. Some advantages to consider when opting for this treatment is its viable amount of resistance and its very long life. It is also white in color, so it’s very aesthetic.

CERAC/Gold crowns

When the restoration or cavity is very extensive and the tooth must be protected by a stronger structure, the dentist may suggest a gold alloy, something of which is the best solution for people who suffer from grinding. The center of the tooth is rebuilt with composite materials and the outside of the tooth is grounded. The crown (the kind of cap that covers the tooth) can be made of gold, ultra-cured composite or ceramic materials. Check out for more details.

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