What is the Best Handgun Self Defense Ammo in Champaign, IL?

The ammunition you choose for your handgun is possibly as important as the handgun itself. Depending on the use, you want to have ammunition that is right for the occasion. For example, if you are planning to take your handgun with you while hunting, you might want to choose lead-free ammunition. In some states and federal lands, you cannot use lead ammunition when hunting. There aren’t similar restrictions for your personal defense firearm.

In the case of handgun self-defense ammo, you need to choose ammunition that will reliably protect you against whatever you think you will face while preventing the endangerment of others.

Self Defense Ammo

Unless you plan to encounter assailants who are wearing kevlar, you likely don’t need something with Teflon coating. Many people choose hollowpoints or completely lead ammunition for their handgun self-defense ammo in Champaign, IL. Just as the name implies, hollowpoints are bullets that are hollow in the tip. They’re typically perforated as well, which means they will expand or shred upon impact.

Lead ammunition does not shred, but it does expand upon impact. That is great for self-defense since it will generate more stopping power than a comparable full metal jacket. It will also likely shred or expand if it hits a wall, which means that it is less likely to harm your neighbors. You can contact us to learn more about ammunition.


Bullets usually travel in straight lines. With the exception of a very long open range, they only stop when they hit something. So if you are choosing handgun self-defense ammo, you need to be very aware of what you might hit if you miss your target. The safety of your neighbors and your family members has to be a consideration. Choosing ammunition that will not easily pass through walls is important. Such a requirement can be a function of the powder load of the ammunition as well as the material from which it is made.

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