The Biggest Indicators You Need Auto Engine Replacement in Hudson, FL

Similar to many areas of life, you never know how important your engine is until it is gone and in need of auto engine replacement services. As with colds and other illnesses, there are many symptoms of a failing engine that can help you avoid a complete breakdown at a critical moment on the road. Knowing what to look for and how to address it could help you prevent a potentially devastating car accident and protect your car from even worse damage later on.

Cold Weather

Many older vehicles will not turn over in freezing conditions but they will eventually start and run relatively well after a few tries. However, if your car will not start at all, then you likely have a cylinder casing that is damaged due to the pressure of temperature changes. Auto engine replacement in Hudson, FL will completely fix this problem and have your car back on the road far more quickly than you might think.

Oil Spills

Large pools of oil left behind after you park your car in one place for a while are a sure sign that you need something done to your engine immediately. Losing oil can lead to lasting and dramatic damage to many components of your vehicle, which could leave you with a seizing engine and a dead car. Contact us immediately if you notice a severe oil leak or if you even suspect a leak because it could be what saves your car from being totaled entirely.

Knocking Sounds

One of the more famous signs that you need auto engine replacement is a knocking sound whenever you drive your car. This is a sign that your camshaft is no longer working in time with your pistons and there is very little that can be done about this other can replacing the engine entirely. Although this is usually a big expense, it is often more cost-effective than buying a new car and will add years to the car that you already own.

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