What Can You Do About Copyright Infringement?

You work hard to create your intellectual works. You expect people to respect the hard work you do and give credit where it is due. Unfortunately, there are many times where individuals use all or some of your work without giving the proper credit. If you’ve never dealt with this issue before, you may be left wondering if you need to hire Howell copyright attorneys or what is the best way to handle it.

Approach the Individual?

You may be tempted to confront the individual who is using your work without your permission personally. In some cases, people simply don’t know the laws and aren’t aware they must attribute the work. When you contact them, these individuals are more likely to either stop using it as you ask or may ask how they can attribute it properly so they can continue to use it. However, it is often best to work with Howell copyright attorneys to ensure you are properly protected and you don’t say or do the wrong thing.

Consult an Attorney Right Away

Your best course of action when looking at copyright infringement is to contact Howell copyright attorneys as soon as you are aware there is a problem. While sometimes a simple letter can be the only resolution you need, in the event you run up against someone who refuses to comply, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney who can go through the process with you and ensure you get a satisfactory result, protecting your intellectual works.

Copyright infringement can be devastating to an individual who works hard to create their intellectual works. When someone takes your work and uses it without your permission, you have rights. Turning to Howell copyright attorneys for help can be the best way to protect those rights and resolve the issue at hand.

If you feel someone has infringed on your copyright, visit the Maldjian Law Group website to find out how they can help.

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