Your Child Deserves the Finest Special Education School

If your child has learning disabilities they deserve the finest special education environment available. Choosing a private school that also values a Jewish education is the perfect place for your child to grow and learn. Children who have learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, developmental delays, hyperactivity or any other factors that could affect their learning require a more inclusive classroom setting that caters to their needs. A Jewish school that offers an education program for SPED in Miami Dade County is the perfect place for your child. Typically, students are assigned classrooms according to their ability and age. You can ensure that your child’s getting the best education possible in an inclusive Jewish day school environment.

What to Expect from a Special Education Program

A very attractive aspect of a special education program is the low student to teacher ratio. This ensures that your child, no matter whether they are in any grade from 1st to 12th, will receive individualized education plans that fit their specific needs. You will also enjoy ongoing communication with parent-teacher conferences that keep you abreast of your child’s development. Students will also be provided with materials that focus on their learning style with teaching methods that truly reach them. They will also receive an education including specialized curriculum in math and language arts as well as Judaic curriculum that is in the Hebrew language, and includes prayer, Torah studies and observance. Your children will be guided by Rabbis and head teachers who all hold degrees in regards to special education.

Inclusion Settings Are Perfect for Special Education Students

An inclusion setting will provide your child with many mainstreaming opportunities. They will be able to visit media centers, cafeteria facilities, assemblies and enjoy field trips. A school nurse is always available, as well. Every part of your child’s education including physical education, art, media and music will be introduced to encourage a well-rounded education.

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