Hackettstown Roush Mustang Dealer Looks at the GT and the Ecoboost for 2014 and 15

The year is coming to a close, which gives reviewers plenty of time to look over the latest series of vehicles which have launched towards the end of the year. Ford has all their lines in full swing, and the focus in 2015 is on the Mustang. Is the Ford Mustang 2015 enough of a leap for buyers to take the dive? The 2014 had some great features, and was an incredible ride. The 2015 sees an $8,000 higher MSRP price, which may not be justified. Buyers love the clout of owning the latest year, but the 2014 was so impressive in its own right.

Hackettstown Roush Mustang Dealer has the models in all versions and colors. The below is an overall rundown of some of the most common rides in the lot right now. Close out this year strong, and buy the 2014 after the prices are at an all time low.

2015 Ecoboost Premium

At about 35,000, this option fits right in the middle. In a metallic blue color, the Ecoboost glistens on the road. This car is an automatic coup-styled wonder, with a 21 mpg city rating fitting right in that perfect expected range for the Mustang brand. The Ecoboost has a 32 highway mile rating, a number higher than any other current Mustang.

2014  Premium

The GT model is almost always the most highly sought after version of the Mustang. This black Mustang with a soft tan interior impresses at a very affordable $31,000, at least for a top of the line Mustang. This ride has just dropped about $7,000 after the launch of the 2015 models.

2015 Premium

Interestingly, the 2015 is almost $15,000 more. But this particular Mustang GT is the RWD version, and it is a monster ride. In a bright orange with an ebony interior, this stunning ride remains the cream of the crop on the Hackettstown Roush Mustang Dealer lot- for now.

There are many Mustangs to choose from. Hackettstown Roush Mustang Dealer picks out the best and offers the fairest financing. Make a live call now or stop by a visit. Comfortably look around and explore the Mustang with a test drive. Click Here.
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