Reviewing Drunk Driving Law In Bel Air, MD

In Maryland, drivers face a possible conviction if they are caught driving under the influence. These crimes are punished according to the blood-alcohol content reading obtained by officers. The officers must also provide further reports if any further circumstances apply to these charges. The following is a review of Drunk Driving Law in Bel Air MD.

Defining the Legal Limit

The legal limit in the state of Maryland is 0.08%. This limit applies to all adult drivers over the age of 21 that aren’t operating a commercial vehicle. All commercial drivers are subject to a limit of 0.04%. All drivers under the age of 21 are guilty if they have any reading. The state of Maryland has a zero tolerance law for any underage consumption of alcohol.

What Could Happen if a Conviction Occurs?

If the driver is convicted, the state can revoke their license based on the total number of convictions on the driver’s record. Their vehicle can be impounded, and the registration is often suspended. The driver pays a fine based on their conviction. They must also enter an alcohol addiction program.

Reviewing Fault in an Accident

If an accident occurs, it is vital for the officers to determine if the drunk driver was at fault. Despite the fact they chose to drive while under the influence, this doesn’t designate them as the at-fault driver immediately. They are at fault only if they caused a collision with another driver.

When a Fatality Occurs

If a drunk driver causes an accident and a fatality occurs, it is possible for the state to charge them with voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. If the state can prove intent, the driver may face vehicular homicide charges. The circumstances of the accident define which crime the driver will be charged with.

In Maryland, drunk drivers face serious penalties based on their blood alcohol content reading. Additionally, they can face more extensive penalties if they cause an accident. If the victim of the accident dies, the driver could be held liable as well. Defendants facing these charges imposed through Drunk Driving Law in Bel Air MD should Visit the Website for more information today.

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