The Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit Offers an All-inclusive Learning Package

While cosmetology students do focus on cutting hair as well as perming or relaxing it, they also learn other fine arts while pursuing their cosmetology goal. For example, the Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit focuses on hair cutting and styling as well as on nail art, facials, and skin care. When a student becomes interested in cosmetology, he or she not only learns the science of taking care of the hair, he or she learns how to take care of the nails and the skin.

A Hub for Creativity

That is why the Summit Salon and other area salons are well-loved and creative venues for cosmetology students and seasoned hairdressers alike. In fact, when you visit such a salon, you will discover that the people who practice cosmetology are some of the most creative people you will know. Their specialties extend to pastel colored hair, fancy braids, and dramatic makeup creations – the kind of styles you often view on Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Transformational Artists

Cosmetologists are artists that transform clients into beautiful people. Therefore, when you walk into a place such as the Summit Salon, you are not just stepping into an environment of hair cutting or styling, you are also venturing into an artistic habitat. With that being said, it is important to know the differences between the work of cosmetologists and barbers and estheticians.

When you become a graduate of a cosmetology school, you become a licensed hair stylist who also can perform nail or skin services. Barbers, on the other hand, style a client’s hair but cannot work on the skin or nails. Estheticians are licensed to work on the nails and skin but cannot style hair. Therefore, if you are interested in styling hair but also wish to expand on your responsibilities, learning to be a hair stylist should be an all-inclusive learning package.

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