2 Frequently Asked Questions About SR22 in Rockford, Illinois

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Insurance

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Is your driver’s license suspended in the state of Illinois? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the requirements to reinstate your driving privileges? Have you been told that you will need SR22 insurance? Are you in search of cheap car insurance in Rockford? If any of these situations apply to you, then here are two frequently asked questions about SR22 and who you can turn to for help in Rockford.

SR22 Insurance

The main question that is frequently asked about SR22 insurance is about its coverage, what does it cover? The misconception is that it is insurance coverage, when in fact, it is not. SR22 is simply a certificate of financial responsibility and is a requirement for those who have their driving privileges revoked or suspended. It informs the state that you have met the minimum auto liability insurance requirements.

Submitting SR22

Another frequently asked questioned about SR22 is to whom or where do you submit this certificate? The SR22 certificate is to be submitted to the State and your auto insurance carrier will submit it for you, typically on the same day, you obtain it.

Where to Obtain SR22

Perhaps you are now wondering where you can obtain cheap car insurance in Rockford so you can obtain an SR22 certificate. Visit the professionals at Insured ASAP Insurance Agency (Auto, SR22, Business). They offer the most competitive car insurance rates in the market and can help you obtain and submit an SR22 certificate. So, when searching for the best cheap car insurance in Rockford so you can obtain an SR22 certificate, they are the ones you can trust and depend on for exceptional services. Call or visit their website today.

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