3 Reasons to Hire an Interior Design Expert for an Alexandria, VA Home Renovation

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Interior Designer

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One of the trends that continues to be a focus for many homeowners in the Alexandria, VA area is to opt for a home renovation or remodel instead of selling their current property and buying a new home. A home renovation allows homeowners to get precisely what they wanted in the home while staying in a location they love.

Another option for most homeowners is hiring an interior design expert for this home renovation project. While some people do choose the do-it-yourself design option, hiring a designer provides several benefits that more than add to the value of the final project.

An Eye for Style and Function

It can be difficult to picture your home with a floor plan and features different than they are today. By hiring an interior design expert, a person with experience and training can assess the home layout and features, making suggestions to improve the use of space and create the look you desire.

Project Management Duties

An interior design expert who is familiar with the professionals and contractors in the Alexandria, VA area is an asset to the project itself. Interior designers have a network of fully vetted and trusted contractors to complete the project to their exacting specifications and requirements.

Not only does this give the homeowner peace of mind in all stages of the renovation, but it also eliminates hours of research and interviewing of service providers.

Staying on Budget

A top interior designer can work with the homeowner on developing a budget for the project. With attention to detail and knowledge of materials and options in the design, the professional can ensure the renovation is completed within that budget.

This aspect of hiring an interior designer can save thousands of dollars in overruns on even a basic home renovation, making this an ideal investment in your home. For more information on your home renovation, contact Zoë Feldman Design at 202-719-8062 Ext. 1.

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