5 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Church for You

by | May 11, 2016 | Business

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Transferring to a different church is one of the hardest things about moving to another city. Just like leaving a group of friends, you are saying goodbye to an entire community that has been with you through thick or thin. If you are relocating, reading up on churches in Jacksonville FL and is worried about a new church to call home, here’s a quick guide to help you find ‘the one.’

1) Doctrine styles vary – Christian churches have similar teachings and traditions, but their way of expressing worship varies from one church to the next. If you had been a member of another church your whole life, you probably have a clear idea of what kind of Christian church you want. For those who are just starting to embrace Christianity, it is best to find out the types of doctrine style, church government, and other variations before attending service.

2) Religious affiliations matter – One way to learn all about a church is to understand its affiliations to other organizations. Would you prefer a self-governing church, or one that’s part of a denomination? Another way to find out what you can about a church is to ask for doctrinal statement of faith.

3) Leaders of the church – Great leaders are living examples of Christianity. The success of fellowships lies largely on how leaders of the church can relay the Word of God to other members of the church. Learn more about a church’s history, founders, and current leaders to have an insight of what these leaders can provide.

4) Life groups and fellowships – Friends from church life groups and fellowships are important in Christian life. You would need someone for encouragement, guidance, or support through your journey.

5) Kids and early Christian life – If it is important for you to expose your children to other kids with the same beliefs, then choose a church with a healthy number of young members, and an active program for kids.

Keep in mind that there will be no “perfect” church for everyone because each person has his/her own spiritual needs to meet. While the ultimate goal is to congregate with fellow Christians and celebrate God, Christ, humanity and salvation, these 5 considerations can help you choose a church that you’ll consider your second home.

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