6 Things You Should Know About Dental Implants

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Dentist

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Dental implants are a popular alternative to dentures and bridges. If you have a severely damaged or missing tooth or teeth, the treatment can be the right solution for you. Before you make an appointment at a dental clinic in Reston, VA for dental implants, here are a few things that can help you determine if you should move forward with the procedure.

High Success Rates

Dental implants have a success rate of about 95%. The high success rates indicate stellar results. A contributing factor to this, though, is hiring a dental specialist with significant experience and knowledge in performing implant surgery.

Solid Support

Dentures and bridges offer weak support. That’s why you can’t apply biting pressure when you eat. Dental implants, though, have an artificial root that fuses with your jawbone, which offers greater support so you don’t have to worry about using too much biting pressure.

Look and Feel Natural

Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. That prevents patients from being self-conscious about having implants, which is a common issue for wearers of bridges or dentures. If you’re comfortable, then that’s a confidence booster.

Meal Times Are Easier

Implants don’t pinch, which is a common problem with ill-fitting dentures. That makes it difficult to eat. Implants allow wearers to eat with ease. Also, when you wear dentures or bridges, you need to brush them after every meal. With implants, if you skip once, it won’t be a problem.

Teeth Remain Healthy

While there are different types of bridges, all designs have one thing in common: cutting off parts of the adjacent teeth to ensure that the bridge is balanced. That results in the eventual decline of healthy adjacent teeth. Implants prevent that problem and your teeth stay healthy.

Long-Term Solution

It’s easy to misplace your detachable dentures or bridges. If that keeps happening to you, then getting implants is an ideal long-term solution. The artificial root is fused with your jawbone, so your implants aren’t going anywhere. You won’t need to worry about losing or misplacing your fake teeth.

Choose a Dentist

Not all dental specialists are qualified to perform implant surgery. Since success rates are dependent on choosing an experienced dentist for the procedure, you must pick the right one. If you need a specialist for dental implants in Reston, VA, contact Cascades Center for Dental Health for an appointment.

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