A Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney Can Help in a Bus Accident

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Law

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A bus accident can lead to losses in a number of ways. If a bus driver turns the corner improperly, someone on the bus may fall and suffer a significant injury. If a car on the road is hit by the bus, that individual can also suffer loss. And, the person waiting to be picked up by the bus that is hit by it may also have a claim to file. In all of these situations, you need a Minnesota personal injury attorney to help you to file a claim.

Do Not Settle with the Insurer Yet

It is not uncommon for an incident like this to lead to an insurance company representing to the bus to contact you as the victim. They want to see how you are and offer assistance to you. Most of the time, they also want to encourage you to file a claim right away to settle your case. Yet, this is never wise. Instead, your first step should be to get a Minnesota personal injury attorney in place to represent you.

Your Attorney Can Handle the Details

When you have an attorney, he or she has the sole goal of helping to prove what happened to you and what it caused – financial loss, pain, lost time at work, and property damage, for example. Your attorney has to estimate all of your losses, both those you currently have bills for and those that you may suffer in the years to come.

When you have a Minnesota personal injury attorney, you know that the bus insurance company is not going to bully you into signing an agreement early. You also know that the company is going to have to pay for all of the damages you suffer as a result of such incidents.

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