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A To-Do List Before Hiring Corporate Catering Services

A To-Do List Before Hiring Corporate Catering Services Posted on July 15, 2016

Choosing the right corporate caterer for a corporate event or the organization’s cafeteria is quite a task. Getting a good corporate caterer to serve the menu of your choice in your budget needs a good amount of background work. Below is a list of to-do for a corporate office before they pick a corporate caterer.


It is important to learn about the reputation of the corporate catering services. Be it online reviews or from other organizations which have used their services, you should verify the kind of service they provide. You can also ask for tastings to confirm on their quality. First-hand verification of the food quality will be more satisfactory than relying on the reviews by others.


Make sure the catering services will be liable to any emergencies or accidents that occur during their service. Corporate caterers often possess their accident cover. You will obviously not want to offer to bear the burden on your part if such mishaps occur.


If you are hiring catering services for an important event or regular food supply at the organization, it would be a good idea to ask for feedback from your employees. Instead of responding to complaints, it would be wise to have a regular feedback from the consumers of the food. You could also get to know about the hospitality of the kitchen staff and the quality of chefs from your employees.


Since hosting corporate events are professional and finance is going to be questioned, it is better to have an official contract in addition to the invoice. The contract has many more details along with the payment. You can mention the terms and conditions clearly. It is especially required if the catering services are being employed for a long tenure.

Hosting good food arrangements is a plus to the event’s success. It is equally important that the chosen caterer stands up to the expectations and delivers the requirements. You can choose Chicago Cafe Caterers. if you are planning to hire a quality corporate caterer. They meet all the above standards and go beyond expectations to offer the best service. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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