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Benefits of Going to a Day Spa, Find a Massage Spa in West Loop

Benefits of Going to a Day Spa, Find a Massage Spa in West Loop Posted on February 22, 2018

Everyone likes to be pampered. With today’s lifestyles keeping you busying and hectic schedules making the days long and tiresome, it is more and more difficult to find time for your pampering. However, with the growth over the past five to ten years of day spas that offer beauty as well as medical benefits, a visit to the spa has become necessary to rejuvenate you both inside and out.

Massages are one of the best ways to give your body the rejuvenation it needs to help it stay looking healthy and to help you get over the stress of daily life. Finding a massage spa around West Loop helps you to relax, rejuvenate, detox, and return to your “real” world a different person.

Body Massages

When you receive a body massage, you soon understand all the different benefits both medically and aesthetically that it offers. A body massage can lessen back pain, muscle soreness, arthritis, and helps to eliminate the distractions you have during the course of your daily life. A session with a masseuse also helps to improve sleep and bring an overall more peaceful time into your life.

Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage relieves severe tension in muscles and connective tissue. This type of massage is great if you experience pain and have had strenuous activities.

Eastern Massages

There are several massage practices that came from the East and are used today at many spas. One of those is shiatsu with origins in Japan. The word means “finger pressure.” This incorporates the use of acupressure and involves techniques such as vibrating, brushing, and rolling while the feet can be used for applying pressure to legs, thighs, and back.

Another eastern massage is the hilot. This is a traditional healing massage from the Philippines and uses massage techniques that help to relax muscles that are stressed. It manipulates joints that give relief to the patient.

The Swedish massage applies five types of long massaging strokes including kneading, sliding, friction, rhythmic tapping, and shaking. This helps to relieve pain and stiffness in joints.

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