Consider The Advantages Of Granite Countertops

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Home Improvement

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When it comes to selecting natural stone for your home, there are differences between each of the stone options that are most commonly available. For many people in Minneapolis, the advantages to granite countertops make them the ideal choice.

Taking a closer look at the advantages of granite countertops over other natural stone is important. The difference between granite and manmade options such as tile and laminate is easy to see with the natural beauty, depth and variability of the granite simply impossible to reproduce through these options.

Granite is both very traditional as well as completely modern in its design and style. It is naturally very durable and will literally last a lifetime with just basic maintenance that you can do on your own. Granite is a polished stone which means it doesn’t require any additional waxing or chemical treatments to maintain the shine, just some simple steps to help prevent dulling.

The Color Choices

One of the reasons that granite countertops are so popular is this natural stone offers more colors than do many of the other options of marble and travertine. In addition, the patterns and variations in granite tend to be more vivid and pronounced, allowing for a more dynamic look across a counter.

Also, with the color variations in the granite countertops, it is easy to match with kitchen cabinets and flooring. Flecks and veins in the countertop can add a pop of color or a subtle pattern to give you just the look you want.

Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy

One of the important considerations when choosing granite countertops is the natural ability of this stone to resist bacterial growth. With the yearly application of a top quality sealant, this countertop will be very sanitary with just regular wiping down with a damp cloth after use.

For daily cleaning, it is recommended that a mild soap and water mixture be used to wipe the counters down. You should not use commercial cleaners or kitchen cleaners on the surface as this will create a dull film that will build up over time.

When wiped after food preparation or after spills, etching or dulling from exposure to acidic things will not be a problem. If you find a dull spot on granite countertops, you can use a specially formulated cleaner and polish, available at most hardware stores in the Minneapolis area, to restore the shine in a minute or two.

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