Don’t Lose the Records of Your Patients in Addiction Treatment Programs!

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Information Technology

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Patients in addiction treatment programs need you to be on point with their medical and health records. If you are not recording the details of their progress, your staff can’t determine if the patients are getting better or worse. Don’t lose your patients’ records in the shuffle of daily operations! You should have the best EMR and EHR software working for you, and here’s why.

The Right Software Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

When you have the right EMR and EHR software in your rehab clinic, all the staff know exactly what is going on with every patient, every shift. Your patients are not let down either because the staff have excellent records in front of them. It is a disservice to both patients and staff when the medical records software you have is not doing enough to keep everyone on the same page.

The Right Software Streamlines Operations

Patient files can be pulled up and stored as needed. If a patient recovers from an addiction, but returns to the clinic at a later date, that patient file only needs to be pulled from the software’s storage space and reactivated. If a patient recovers completely and never relapses, the file can be stored and restored if and when the patient requests a copy of his/her records. The right software can streamline everything your clinic does every day.

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