Drive Up Storage In Omaha, NE Is Convenient

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Storage Facility

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Storage space in a home or business can be a problem that can be relieved with Drive Up Storage in Omaha NE. One of the nicest features of drive-up storage is the ability of a renter to easily store and access their belongings. With 24-hour storage access, it’s like having storage in the basement or the garage without the mess.

Parking next to the storage unit to load or unload items is easier than transporting them to the inside of a building and up or downstairs. A renter will use their own lock and key when they store items in a storage unit. They do not have to provide the office with a copy of their key.

When Should Storage Be Used?

Storage is ideal for homeowners when they’re having their house remodeled or children are returning home to live. It’s hard to part with belongings and memories collected over the years, but it’s difficult to have cluttered closets, drawers, basements, and garages. Storage can be rented by the month or by the year.

Choosing a Size

An individual should determine what they’re planning to store before they arrive at the storage facility. A list of items will help the storage facility staff suggest the size the person needs. Units start at a five-foot by five-foot unit and are as large as a ten by the twenty-foot unit. A smaller unit can hold items from a small closet in a home. It can also alleviate congestion in larger closets in a home.

A homeowner might want to consider a ten by the ten-foot unit to store their lawnmowers, patio furniture, and other summer items out of the elements during the winter. Storing the items for several months at a different location will free the garage space at the house to park their car comfortably inside during the winter. With the use of Drive Up Storage in Omaha NE, an individual will have easy access to all of their items.

If you’re unsure whether storage is an option, now is the time to Browse our website. The units are dry and secure.

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