Factory Certified Technicians for Saeco Repairs in New York City

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Food

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Saeco is a manufacturer of high-quality specialty vending machines and espresso machines. Vending machines include ones that offer snacks and beverages in one machine. That means profits are increased because customers can get all they need in one machine. Steel construction and an anti-theft design make this machine perfect for any location. It has two cords, one for refrigeration and one for electrical components, so systems are not overloaded. The capacity to hold eighteen snacks and six beverages in either cans or bottle, makes this machine a popular choice for many businesses.

Other vending machines include a coffee machine with five selections, and a self-contained espresso machine with seven selections. Compact models of vending machines are also available. Espresso machines include residential and commercial manual and automatic models in different sizes with different capacities. They are found in coffee shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and homes internationally. All products are designed to be durable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance. When any machines require repairs it is recommended that customers find the factory certified technicians to make Saeco Repairs in New York City. If experienced technicians are not available locally, it is worth the time and cost to have machines shipped out to shops with qualified personnel. It protects the warranty and ensures that the machine will be repaired correctly.

When shipping out machines, make sure to include the equipment, all accessories, a brief description of the problem, and contact information. Ship the items in a double box for protection and use a reliable carrier, like UPS or FedEx. Visit If You Love Coffee for details on shipping requirements and the diagnostic fee charges. Technicians will determine the problem and contact owners with repair estimates. Saeco Repairs in New York City are not recommended if repair costs are more than fifty percent of the cost of a new or used machine. Customers can choose to have machines shipped back or can use the diagnostic fee toward the purchase of a machine. In addition to selling, repairing, and maintaining Saeco machines, other machines are also sold. Juice machines, other brands of espresso and vending machines, coffee grinders and steamers, and kettles are available. Supplies and accessories are also available and always in stock.

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