Hiring The Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In Minneapolis After Wrongful Termination

by | May 4, 2019 | Law

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The Workers’ Compensation program was set up to provide protection for employees and employers. Employees have the coverage needed to be compensated for injuries and illnesses that are work related, and employers have the benefit of limiting the amount paid based on a schedule, and avoiding the cost of most lawsuits against employers for on-the-job injuries.

The vast majority of employers and insurance companies strive to be fair and to settle the claims of employees under the guidelines. However, there are always some employers and some insurance companies that do not follow these guidelines, which creates significant problems for injured employees.

Wrongful Termination

Minnesota, as well as other states, has laws that prevent an employer from terminating an employee or filing workers’ compensation claims. Some employers may also fail to provide work options to accommodate for injuries and recovery.

Workers in Minneapolis or across the state that are fired after filing a Worker’s Comp claim need to work with the best Workers’ Compensation lawyers. As these cases can be difficult, and employers have their own legal representatives, working with highly experienced lawyers is critical.

Reasonable Opportunities for Work

If you are told there is no opportunity to continue to work for the company given your injuries and modifications required, the best Workers’ Compensation lawyers should be consulted. The law requires that the employer make a reasonable effort to find appropriate work for an injured employee, something that some unscrupulous employers may not offer.

This can be a gray area of the law, and employers may retaliate in different ways against an individual filing a claim in Minneapolis. If you believe this is the case, talking to the best Workers’ Compensation lawyers and completing a case evaluation is the ideal way to consider your options.

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