How Important is Auto Maintenance in White Bear Lake, MN on a New Vehicle?

by | May 15, 2017 | Automotive

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After driving a new car off the sales lot, it’s easy to assume that there will be no need for a trip to the service department any time soon. A new car isn’t going to run into some of the same problems that a vehicle that has lots of miles on it will experience. However, it doesn’t matter if a car is new or old, auto maintenance in White Bear Lake MN is still important. Taking care of things like oil changes and tire rotations is well worth the investment as it could extend the life of the vehicle and ensure that the new car warranty remains intact.

An oil change is one of the most frequent and important parts of Auto Maintenance in White Bear Lake MN. The engine needs the oil to keep everything lubricated as it works to take a driver from one location to the next. Moving parts coming into contact with each other causing friction and heat. Oil prevents the engine from overheating and keeps things moving smoothly. Over time, the oil begins to lose some of its lubricating qualities. When this happens, the oil needs to be removed from the vehicle followed by the addition of new oil. If the oil isn’t replaced, the engine will continue to cause friction and heat and lead to problems with the engine. If the engine isn’t working, the vehicle isn’t moving. It’s important to head to American Imports to take care of regular maintenance before things go wrong.

There are certain areas of a vehicle that are going to wear out over time. Eventually tires need to be replaced. Eventually brake pads will need to be replaced. When going in for an oil change, these elements of the vehicle are checked to ensure that they are still functional. There are certain parameters that are considered acceptable when it comes to how much tread a tire has or how much thickness remains on a brake pad. The vehicle will keep going, even if the tread or pads are thin. However, if a tire wears all the way out and blows, there could be an issue with damage to the wheel. If the pads wear out, the brakes could become warped, resulting in an expensive repair.

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