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Industrial Double-Sided Tape: Less Trouble, Twice the Adhesion

Industrial Double-Sided Tape: Less Trouble, Twice the Adhesion Posted on June 8, 2015

Tape plays an important role in several markets, including packaging, electronics, design, and more. Double-sided tape is an expedient bonding solution that simplifies an assortment of applications. It works well with virtually any surface and uses tough yet gentle adhesive to create a long-lasting bond. Through a well-stocked supplier, you can find a wide range of double-sided tapes – sure to facilitate your latest project. They’ll help you choose the right industrial double-sided tape substrate, as well as customize your order.

Practical and Aesthetically Appealing

As its name suggests, double-sided tape is a tape with two sticky sides, as opposed to one. Due to its unique design, double-sided tape is used primarily as a bonding tape. The double-sided tape is also pressure-sensitive – meaning it sticks to surfaces easily once pressure is applied. , it’s intended for projects that involve attaching two surfaces to one another, whether it’s wood, metal, plastic or glass. Bonding tapes bond two surfaces together seamlessly and are perfect for applications that require an aesthetic appeal. Once it’s applied, double-sided tape is virtually invisible.

Common Applications

The industrial double-sided tape is available in a full spectrum of substrates, such as acrylic, polyester, foam, and rubber. Double-sided tapes are perfect for assembly, bonding, and mounting. When it comes to bonding tape, there’s plenty of room for innovation. You can use double-sided for all sorts of applications, from sound deadening and gaskets to splicing and laminating. Bonding tapes are fast, convenient, and easy to use. They’re also tough and long-lasting. You’ll spend much less time trying to complete a project, and even less time maintaining it.

Tough and Resilient

As far tape goes, double-sided adhesives are usually extremely flexible and heavy-duty – making them ideal for a multitude of industry applications. Made from malleable materials, double-sided tapes conform well to a variety of surfaces and create strong, long-lasting bonds within seconds. Additionally, high-quality bonding tapes are often temperature resistant, which adds to their already high shear strength. There are various types of bonding tapes from which to choose. Selecting the right tape style and strength can be a challenge. An experienced supplier can pair you with the perfect double-sided tape for your application.

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