Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Aluminum Bar

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Business

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While there are a lot of very specialized parts in construction, fabrication, and manufacturing, aluminum bar is a fairly standard product without a lot of variations between manufacturers and suppliers.

However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to take the time and carefully consider the positives and the challenges of buying aluminum bar. This is particularly true from certain types of sellers or without knowing just what you are going to get and the costs involved.

Buying on Online Auctions and Sales Sites

You can find virtually all types and tempers of aluminum bar online on auctions. These can be on specialty auction sites, but you may be surprised to find large and small lots of aluminum bar available on eBay and Craig’s List to name just a couple.

Buying from these locations, regardless of what you are purchasing, is a buyer beware type of arrangement. Typically you will also be required to cover the cost of shipping, and you also have no control over what the product looks like when it arrives at your destination. It may be in great condition or scratched, dinged and stained, it is somewhat luck of the draw what you will receive.

Cheap Cost, High Shipping

For large orders of aluminum bar, the freight can be a considerable part of the cost of doing business. When ordering from an aluminum supplier take the time to find out the cost of freight, and spend some time comparing companies.

As freight is charged on distance, looking for aluminum bar that is closer to you is typically the best and lowest cost option. However, the closest supplier may still not offer the lowest price and the lowest freight, and a bit of time, math, and finding out information can help to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on these additional charges depending on the size of your order.

Type of Bar Required

Ensuring that the company selling the aluminum bar understand the specific series and temper of aluminum you need is critical. When you work with a specialized aluminum supplier, their staff can be extremely helpful in assisting you in finding the lowest cost aluminum product that will still meet the specs and requirements for your job.

Finally, it is important to consider the additional or value-added services the company selling the aluminum bar can provide. Look for precision sawing services to save you time and any loss to missed cuts on the job.

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