Reasons to Visit Vinyl Records Stores in Philadelphia

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Business

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In recent years, vinyl records have soared in popularity. After being mostly forgotten for many years, they are once again a common way to listen to the best music in the world, leading many to visit Vinyl Records Stores in Philadelphia. Those who haven’t played a record in a while or who have never heard one may be wondering why so many people have returned to this seemingly old way of listening to music. Here are some of the many reasons to go with vinyl.

It’s a Visual Feast

Before even playing a record, the album art that accompanies it is obvious, because it’s so large. The size of the artwork and text on the liner allows it to be fully appreciated. It is much bigger than the album art of a compact disc, and unlike the digital art that may accompany songs in MP3 or a similar format, it can be held and appreciated from all angles. This is the best way to experience unforgettable pictures that were carefully crafted to go with the greatest songs of all time. A vinyl records store will be filled with this big artwork for the viewing pleasure of all who come there.

Sound Quality

Of course, the most important reason why people buy records is how great they sound. With warmth and depth that other music formats can’t quite match, vinyl lets fans hear their favorite music as it was truly meant to be heard. In a time when pretty much everyone relies on digital, it can be a shock to find out just how amazing records sound. The technology may be old, but it has remarkable staying power.


There’s something timeless about vinyl records, even beyond the amazing art and spectacular sound. They are also one of the most affordable items to collect, especially when bought used. Plus any unwanted records can be sold to get the ones you truly want. This allows a treasured collection to keep growing, and the wonderful music can be shared with friends and family.

Whether already a listener to records or not, now is the time to head to the Vinyl Records Stores in Philadelphia and enjoy the classics, both old and new. Visit to find out more.

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