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Save Existing Flooring With Flooring Repair in Ponte Vedra

Save Existing Flooring With Flooring Repair in Ponte Vedra Posted on July 4, 2018

It is easy to take the easy way out and rip up existing flooring and replace it with new flooring but that is not always the best option. There are flooring companies that offer flooring repair in Ponte Vedra as well as new flooring installation. Customers can Contact Precision Flooring to arrange for a flooring expert to come to the home or commercial building and give a free estimate on repairing or replacing damaged flooring such as carpet or wood flooring. Some floors can be repaired and some will need replacing. Repairs are less costly.

Repairing Wood Floors

Wood floors can be repaired if they have enough wear layer left and if stains are not too deep or scratches are shallow enough. An older solid wood floor may look bad with stains, scratches and damaged planks. But, that floor may be a good candidate for flooring repair in Ponte Vedra. These older wood floors can be cleaned, have all nails, tacks, and other surface items removed, and be sanded down to a smooth new looking floor. Damaged planks can be removed and closely matching ones added. When the repaired floor is sanded and re-stained, the repairs will not be visible.

The wood floor can be completely sanded and refinished or have only the damaged areas repaired depending on the overall condition of the floor. Engineered wood floors with thin wear layers or laminated wood floors that are not real wood may not be able to be repaired. Though, if there are extra matching planks available, the damaged planks can be replaced.

Repairing Other Floors

Carpet floors can be repaired if there is matching material available. Carpet floors cannot be refinished if they are in bad shape overall. But if there is a rip, damaged seam, or small stained area, a matching material can be used to replace the damaged area. Rips and damaged seams can often be repaired with seam tape or stitching. A carpet repair expert from the flooring company must look at the damage and make a determination.

Ceramic or stone tile can be repaired if there is closely matching tile available. For any damaged flooring, the owner needs to have a flooring company expert come to the site to determine if repair is possible. Please contact Precision Flooring for more information.

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