Should You Hire a Public Claims Adjuster in Manhattan, NY After Property Damage?

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Insurance

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Property damage comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it is a car collision that has left behind extensive damage. For others, it is a fire in the home that has wiped away part of the living space. In both scenarios, insurance companies get involved, look at the damage and determine how much needs to be paid out. But what happens when a person isn’t sure if they are being taken advantage of? What if there is a chance that the entire amount he or she is owed isn’t being paid out? These are signs that it is time to contact a Public Claims Adjuster in Manhattan NY to examine the situation and represent the best interests of the property owner.

Most of the time, a Public Claims Adjuster in Manhattan NY will only become part of the case if it looks like the insurance company is going to go ahead and pay the claim. Once this information is received, a property owner just needs to be sure that he or she is getting the right amount of money for the settlement. Because a public adjuster is hired by the policy holder, he or she is not interested in finding ways to shortcut the process or help the insurance company pay the least amount possible. The goal is to take care of the person that experienced the loss.

In addition to taking a closer look at the damage to a vehicle, home, or other form of property, an adjuster will also examine the policy to find out what is covered, what the limits for property damage are, and what the deductible for the policy is so that everyone is clear on what should happen once the claim has been made. When the process is complete, an adjuster is paid by the policy holder. Most of the time the amount of payment is based on the settlement amount received.

For some, it is important to contact a public adjuster right away. Others want to wait and see what type of settlement the insurance company is offering. Either way, it could be in your best interest to bring in someone that is only looking out for you and isn’t going to be influenced by the insurance company.

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