Situations That Call for Contacting One of the Septic Services in Haines City, FL Immediately

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Septic Tanks

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It is possible for a septic tank to provide excellent service for years without any problems. When something does begin to malfunction, the homeowner should not waste a second. The best bet is to contact one of the Septic Services in Haines City FL and arrange for a service call as soon as possible. Here are some situations that call for immediate attention.

Clogged Drains

At first, the drains were running a little slow. Now, there is water standing in the kitchen sink, the bathroom, and the shower. Realizing this is no ordinary clog, the homeowner calls one of the local Septic Services in Haines City FL. Sure enough, the problem is that the tank is at capacity, and sewage is backing up into the plumbing. Until the tank is emptied and cleaned, that standing water is going nowhere.

Flies are Circling in the Yard

Along with the grass over the septic tank looking especially healthy, there is also an odor emanating from the ground. The flies have taken notice and are starting to collect in the area. Take that as a sign the tank is full and something has ruptured, or the overflow valve is engaged as a way to ease the pressure. A professional can empty the tank, check for any damage, and manage any repairs that are necessary.

A Stench in the House

While the drains are still working properly, there is a decided odor present in the kitchen and the bathroom. There is no doubt the stench is coming from each of the drains. The most likely cause is sewage beginning to back up into the lines. By having a professional empty the tank, the odor will soon be a thing of the past.

For homeowners who could use some help with septic tank care and maintenance, click here for more info about the support offered by a local septic service. Arrange for an inspection and see what condition the tank is in as of now. That will make it easier to set up a schedule for maintenance and be prepared to have the tank emptied when the time is right.

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