Small Dumpster Rental in Camden County for Concrete and Other Heavy Materials

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Lawn Care Service

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Small Dumpster Rental in Camden County is useful for many residential projects, including for demolition of structures to be replaced or removed. Customers must tell the representative when they call for pricing what they plan to put in the dumpster. Specific models are used for heavy materials like concrete and asphalt.

Materials That Can Be Combined

Generally, customers are not supposed to include household items with paving and construction materials. However, they may be able to combine concrete, asphalt and brick. These materials should not include any plant roots or other organic growth. Painted materials usually are acceptable unless it contains lead.

Examples of Residential Projects

Sidewalks and a driveway might be removed on a residential property after somebody buys the real estate. The new owners may not like the old cracked pavement and want to have fresh pavement installed. They are willing to take on the removal as a do-it-yourself project. A patio might be excavated as well if the new owners would rather have a deck built in its place.

Demolition of buildings on the property is another reason why someone might be interested in Concrete Dumpster Rental. There may be a big frame-built shed, for instance, with a concrete foundation. Even if this is a solid, well-built structure, the new property owners may have no interest in it being there.

Container Sizes and Road Weight Restrictions

Small Dumpster Rental in Camden County is suitable for concrete because of weight restrictions for roads. A given road might have the restriction of 8 tons, for example. A large dumpster could hold more, which is why these containers are usually not used for the heavier materials. The company representative can map out the roads that will be used for delivery and pickup. A 10 cubic yard dumpster might be recommended.

When someone is disposing of more tonnage than this, a company such as Artistic Materials, Inc. can deliver another empty container and pick up the full one. This can be completed as many times as the customer requires. A property owner with a long, deteriorated driveway may need several deliveries before the project is done.

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