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Some Differences Between Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY

Some Differences Between Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY Posted on July 30, 2016

A few of animal hospitals in Yorktown NY have been operating in that community for decades. The clientele is the same and includes cats, dogs, birds, small animals, and exotic pets. They all provide immunizations, wellness, nutrition and counseling, and dental care, among other procedures. Most have an impressive amount of advanced technology, including digital radiology, ultrasound, and a state-of-the-art surgical facility. Some only perform out-patient surgical procedures and do not offer overnight or extended stay accommodations. There are a few differences, such as pricing, capabilities, and policies, that pet parents may want to consider before deciding on which one to frequent.

Features and technology differ between animal hospitals in Yorktown NY. Although specialists in surgery and cardiology can be found in almost all of them, one also provides on-site consultations with specialists in internal medicine. Depending on the needs and behaviors of the pet, that can be significant. An older dog with chronic digestive issues, for example, may benefit from specialized internal medicine services. Orthopedics is another specialty not found at all animal hospital locations. An in-house laboratory and on-site pharmacy provide convenient services for pet owners. Tests results take less time to access, and medications can be ordered for pick up at the hospital, or ordered online for home delivery. Some offer special promotions or conduct free initial pet examinations for new patients.

Make sure the hospital chosen for the care of pets is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). That ensures a level of care that is above the standard. Mobile pet services are available at one area hospital. Animals that are too sick, elderly, or traumatized by going to the veterinarian, can be seen at home. The service is also convenient for people without transportation or those with small children. The mobile unit arrives at the door and is equipped for most routine services, complete collection kits for blood work, and some diagnostic procedures. Some pets are more comfortable and relaxed when receiving services in a familiar environment than in the animal hospital. Pet owners interested in mobile services, as well as other unique features and conveniences, can go to website URL for more information, and to schedule an appointment.

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