The Purpose of an ADR

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Law

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Divorce is an incredibly hard process. This is an undisputed fact. Very rarely does a marriage dissolve with no dispute – but what happens when this dispute seems insurmountable? What is there to be done when you and your former spouse can’t reach an agreement? Is it worth it to slug it out in court for an indeterminate amount of time, or is there another, better solution out there? Read on to find out.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution

Also known as an ADR, an alternative dispute resolution is designed exactly for couples struggling to come to a proper settlement for their divorce. An ADR is meant to make it easier to come to a final decision in a manner that eliminates having to turn to the court system. This is useful for those who are already exhausted from the other aspects of their divorce proceedings, or who cannot afford to re-enter the court system. Beyond the two partners involved, the only other party needed is an Aurora family law attorney.

Why Choose ADR?

Anything the court system can take care of, so can an ADR (with the help of your Aurora family law attorney). Of course, before you and your ex settle on this system to settle your dispute, you must first consider just how complicated your dispute is, as well as whether you or your ex are willing to go through with an ADR. The fact of the matter is, sometimes the courts have no choice but to get involved because one party won’t budge. If you’re facing this situation, an ADR won’t help you.

An ADR is basically a type of civil mediation. With your chosen Aurora family law attorney, you will meet with your ex-spouse to discuss the dispute in a peaceful manner. The both of you will air your concerns and, with the advice of your lawyers, decide how to proceed.

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