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The Role of Insurance Adjusters After Natural Disasters

The Role of Insurance Adjusters After Natural Disasters Posted on November 27, 2019

Over the last decade, there has been a long string of devastating hurricanes, tropical storms, and other natural disasters in the United States. After these events, it can be easy to think only of the immediate – getting people into the shelter and getting them the food, clothing, and medical treatment that they require. However, there is another important job that often goes unrecognized after these events – that of the public insurance adjuster that helps people receive compensation for the property they lost.

Massive Demand

Meeting the needs of the many people who are misplaced and devastated by massive storms like the infamous hurricanes that have ravaged the east coast over the last ten years leaves many insurance agencies taxed beyond belief. Thousands – sometimes even millions – of claims roll in, taking a long time to be processed and filled. Insurance adjusters work diligently during these times to assess the damage of the affected locations and determine the liability of the insurance agency to help people who have lost much of their worldly possessions find relief.

Multitasking Professionals

Technically, the job of an Atlanta public insurance adjuster is simply to investigate the extent of damage involved in an insurance claim, interview necessary parties, and record the information they find to help their agency determine how much to pay out for the claim. In the case of natural disasters like hurricanes, though, these agents often become much more than just insurance adjusters. They become counselors, offering an ear to those who have just survived the devastation of their hometowns. They provide advice on how to proceed with life after that devastation, including information on how their insurance agency may be able to help with recovery. And they become friends, giving victims of hurricanes and other disasters a sounding board for their frustrations and sadness, offering catharsis through talk – and a new hope for moving forward.

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