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Thoughts About Auto Repair In Monterey California

Thoughts About Auto Repair In Monterey California Posted on December 28, 2015

This is not to say that there is anything unique about the cars in Monterey; neither is auto repair in Monterey noticeably different from anywhere else. Back in the late 1800’s cars were more or less handmade; albeit to a design that was much simpler than the mass produced cars that we drive today. At that time, most owners would be expected to carry out their own maintenance and repair work; but, even then, there would be some who either lacked the aptitude, knowledge or time to carry out even relatively simple repairs. Often the town’s blacksmith would start repairing these early automobiles as a sideline to his main work with horseshoes and farm equipment.

Automobiles Evolved In Leaps And Bounds

Once production line manufacture of automobiles came into being; car ownership became a possibility for the masses and not just a reserve for the chosen few. With increased ownership; the number of people seeking someone to carry out car repairs obviously increased. At the same time, new inventions were making the motor car a more complex piece of equipment that was correspondingly more difficult to repair and maintain in top running order. Soon, not only every town but each district within places like Monterey would see the opening of small owner operated an auto repair shops.

Independent Repairers Or Manufacturers’ Dealerships?

While all cars are somewhat alike; in so much as they have an engine to provide power through a transmission to make the wheels go round; different manufacturers achieve the basic transportation aim in different ways. Because of this; the spare parts needed to repair (say) a Ford could be different from those required for a Chevy. To some extent; sending your Ford to a Ford dealership should be a guarantee that any repair work is done correctly using the correct parts and equipment.

However, there are some drawbacks to this thinking. Maybe the nearest dealership for your particular make and model is located a long way away from where you live? Maybe you believe that the dealership sees you as captive custom and takes advantage of their near monopoly status? This is why the independent providers of auto repair in Monterey still; not only survive; but, many are thriving businesses.

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