US Immigration – Which Visa Do I Need?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Lawyers

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Anybody looking to move to the USA, either permanently or temporarily, will have experienced how complex and difficult the immigration system is. Gaining the right type of visa for your situation is essential to stay legally, but that can cause a whole other problem in figuring out which type of visa you need. This quick guide will explain the main types:

          1. Studying

A student visa in Los Angeles is required if you are attending university in the United States. It is a lengthy application process so Top Universities recommends beginning the process at least three to five months before your course is due to start.

          1. Family

If you are seeking immigration for yourself and a spouse or children, you will need a family immigration attorney in Pasadena to talk you through the process and gain the right visa. Your visa will depend upon your family status.

          2. Working

This will depend upon how long your contract lasts for. A student visa in Los Angeles is fine when you are studying, but if you intend to stay longer and find work, you will have to apply for a new visa. The US Visas website has a list of the different types of work visa available and which one you should apply for.

          3. Temporary Visits

If you will be staying in the country for fewer than six months then you will need a tourist visa. If you are traveling for another reason such as marriage, you may need to speak to a family immigration attorney in Pasadena.

Tackling the US immigration system is difficult and will only become more complex in the future. But by finding a trustworthy attorney who will help you do things legally, you can find out your rights and enjoy your time in the United States for whatever reason.

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