Why Annual Appointments for Pet Checkups are So Important

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Pets & Animals

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Proactively taking care of your health is vital for longevity. Sadly, many people wait until they have health problems to start taking their health seriously. An annual checkup at your doctor and regular preventative check-ups with your dentist are important. Because your pet can’t always tell you when they’re feeling unwell, regular check-ups for them are important, too.

Annual Pet Checkups

Whether you attend a local vet clinic or an animal hospital that offers preventative care, this can help you in a variety of ways:

In addition to giving your pet a physical examination, looking for signs of any problems, the conversation with you can lead the appointment. You know your pet’s habits, temperament, and if you’ve seen any changes in his or her health with respect to behavior, habits, bathroom routines, eating, and so forth you can provide this information at the animal hospital to lead the appointment.

Below are some of the things that could be discussed / recommended at an annual check-up:

* Changes in diet to suit the pet may be recommended if your pet is overweight or underweight.
* Your vet may recommend dietary changes based on your pet’s age
* Your vet might also ask what pet food you are currently using and could recommend changes based on nutritional deficiencies or high ash content, etc.
* Any vaccinations that are due could be administered
* Discussions about treatments for parasites like heartworm, worms, fleas, and ticks as well as associated prescriptions.
* Discussions about past medical issues / problems.
* Discussions about any issues you have concerns with.

Your veterinarian aims to be someone who wants to help your pet stay healthy in addition to being available to you when health problems occur. By being proactive about your pet’s health you can lower the chances of emergency veterinary treatment requirements. An animal hospital that focuses on holistic health, for instance, can help with vitamins, can provide more nutritionally complete pet food, can help with veterinary dentistry (dental work as well as dental cleanings), homeopathy, laser therapy, massage therapy and / or chiropractic adjustments, plus emergency care.

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