Why Hire People With Analytics Training?

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Education & Training

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As a hiring manager in New York finding the right employees for the job is becoming more of a challenge every day. It seems that there are a smaller and smaller number of qualified applicants, with increased competition and your jobs have an increasing range of roles and responsibilities.

The result of this dynamic is that you are often forced to hire people that have some of the skills and knowledge that you need, but are not fully trained in all areas. This can mean months of additional professional development and support, leaving your company struggling with a position that is technically filled but productively vacant.

To assist with this gap, choosing candidates with specialized analytics training who are able to come on the job with the relevant abilities to not only be able to use analytics to effectively do their job, but also to have a structured approach to problem solving is the only answer.

How Comprehensive?

As a hiring manager, you want to choose students from any analytics training with a comprehensive view of training their students. At rSQUAREedge, we believe that simply teaching analytics is not enough, it has to be an approach that is going to be effective from your first day on the job.

Since we have built and developed analytics teams as well worked in analytics education, we have the experience and the expertise to make sure our training covers what you need.

Is it Practical?

One of our most important focuses for our training is to keep it practical. We believe that this is the best investment, as it allows our students to know how to perform in the workplace, both using traditional analytics and those newly developing technologies that are implemented by startups and entrepreneurs.

By hiring graduates from our top analytics training you don’t have to do any specific analytics training, our students will be ready to start being productive on their first day at their new job.

Is it Real World Based?

While theory is essential, we know that hiring managers are looking for practical skills as well. We provide students experience in statistics, computing as well as business, and they have the opportunity to work with some of the best and most experienced educators and leaders in the field. This combination of theory and reality is unique to our New York program and ensures that hiring our students is the best answer for any business looking for top analytics professionals.

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