5 Simple But Important Tips To Help Maintain Your Home’s Septic System

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Plumber

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Septic systems are designed for homes without access to a city’s sewer system. Though they’re designed for years of hassle-free usage, they sometimes have problems. Here are a few tips to help you keep your septic system in peak condition.

Use Water Wisely

All the water going down your drains ends up in the septic tank, and the more efficiently you use it, the less strain you’ll put on the system. Consider upgrading to high-efficiency fixtures, washing only full loads of dishes and clothing, and fixing leaky faucets and toilets. If these strategies don’t work, it may be time for septic tank maintenance in Suffolk, VA.

Don’t Treat the Toilet Like a Wastebasket

The only things you should flush down the toilet are waste products and septic system-safe toilet paper. DO NOT flush dental floss, diapers, hair, cat litter, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products, even if they claim to be “flushable.”

Limit Usage of Harsh Chemicals

Cleaners with strong chemicals in them may kill the beneficial bacteria in the septic tank, making it less effective at breaking down waste. Paint, gasoline, and other toxins also kill these bacteria, so don’t pour them down the drain.

Don’t Use the Garbage Disposal

If possible, limit the use of the garbage disposal. This simple strategy will reduce the amount of solids, fats, and grease that find their way into the septic tank.

Maintain it Regularly

Ask the person who installed the system how to maintain it and follow the directions carefully. If you’ve moved into a home with a septic tank and you’re not sure when it was last serviced, consider scheduling septic tank maintenance in Suffolk, VA.

Septic systems may last a while, but they still need upkeep. Keeping the home’s septic system in top condition and following a maintenance schedule will prevent messy, costly, and inconvenient issues in the future.

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