The Versatility Of Hat Channel

by | May 29, 2015 | Business

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When it comes to construction materials made of aluminum, it is difficult to think of a more versatile extrusion than hat channel. Although it may sound like an unusual name, it is very descriptive as when viewed in profile, the piece looks a bit like an old style of top hat.

The basic shape of hat channel includes two flanges on either side which will mount flush to a surface. Then, there are two vertical sides that elevate the top horizontal piece. The elevation of the sides of the “hat” and the width of the flanges and top can all be adjusted for specific requirements.  The flanges may also be called fins or wings, it just depends on different terminology.

In some areas hat channel can also be known as roll formed U-channel or furring channel. Both the top of the hat as well as the flanges can be solid aluminum, or they can be slotted for specific types of fasteners and construction designs.


The most common use of hat channel is in construction either in buildings or marine or aerospace applications. It is often found in framing as it provides a very durable, strong yet lightweight option that is superior to steel in many applications.

Also, because it is aluminum, it is corrosion resistant. This is essential in both aerospace as well as marine application and also in production and processing applications and industries. It is also common to find this part used in the construction of recreational vehicles as well as for various types of trailer manufacturing needs.


The most common option in the manufacturing of hat channel is through the extrusion process. Specific die sizes are used to create the shape in the exact dimensions and measurements required for your order and project.

As there are a variety of measurements with the hat channel including wall thickness, height, flange width and width across the top of the raised section, it is possible to find most common sizes in stock from many suppliers.

If you are looking for aluminum hat channel either in a common size or as a custom extrusion order, shop around with different companies. The more in-stock inventory the company has on hand, the greater the chances they will have just the channel you need, saving you time and money on your order.

Eagle Mouldings can provide custom extruded hat channel based on any order you may have. With over 25 years in the industry, we can help you in all your aluminum needs. To see our inventory or to place an order go to Website.

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