Business Analytics Training in New York

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Education

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Are you frustrated with your current job? Do you feel bored, undervalued, and underpaid? Are you discouraged by recruiters and interviewers who don’t value your college degree or work experience? You may want to consider taking business analytics training. Business analytics, also knows as data science, is one of the fastest-growing career fields. Companies in every industry are incorporating data science into their business models, and the number of jobs for data analysts is skyrocketing. Getting certified as a data scientist could be the step that truly launches your career.

Our founders at RSquare Edge have decades of combined experience in the data science industry. We know what companies are looking for in their data analyst employees and our curriculum is designed to make our students into successful analysts. We also maintain close relationships with several of the largest companies in the country, which helps us place our graduates in great jobs immediately after they finish the program. We are leaders in business analytics training in New York, with a reputation that extends far beyond the eastern seaboard.

What Makes Us Different

We offer a unique service to both our students and their future employers. Our founders have spent years designing and managing large data analytics teams at a wide variety of companies. They hold Ivy League degrees and are leading contributors to publications and conferences in the data science industry.

Our founders and faculty all share a passion for making RSquare Edge the leading education facility for top-notch data scientists. We believe that a truly successful educational model relies on knowledgeable instructors who engage students in a variety of projects, experiments, and case studies. Our business analytics training curriculum is designed to give our students a solid foundation in data science as well as a passion for being a dedicated data analyst. Additionally, we maintain a leadership council of senior executives in the industry. Their guidance and feedback on our curriculum is invaluable and we are constantly improving our courses to remain a leader in data science education.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to training the best data analysts in the business. We want our graduates to have successful careers in forward-thinking companies. It is incredibly important to us that our data analytics graduates are adept at problem-solving and have finely tuned technical abilities. We are passionate about our graduates’ career success. It is about more than just landing a job, it’s about having the skills and drive to continually improve as analysts. We want our students to be involved in their companies, to create and implement innovative strategies, and to be irreplaceable to their employers. We believe the fate of business success lies largely in the hands of skilled and dedicated data analysts. We are proud of our part in shaping the scientists who will be the leaders of the industry.

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