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5 New-Mom Tips for a Fitness Centre in Bedford MA

5 New-Mom Tips for a Fitness Centre in Bedford MA Posted on July 29, 2016

Mom’s know that all babies are miracles and their bodies undergo many changes to make childbirth possible. However, once the baby arrives, many mom’s begin to wonder how they can get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. By following these training tips from The Fitter Female, a new mother can start her fat-burning efforts on the right foot.

Start at the Right Time

As long as a woman has an uncomplicated delivery and she’s not under a doctor’s orders to rest, she can begin gentle exercise at a Fitness Centre in Bedford MA within a week of childbirth. If a woman stays fit during pregnancy, her body will actually crave physical activity. Many doctors still recommend six weeks of rest, but a woman who is proactive can often get permission to proceed.

Recommended Exercises

Core activation and pelvic floor exercises should be started soon after delivery. Kegels and other pelvic floor moves can be done anywhere, and they can improve posture, flatten ab muscles, and build a solid foundation for a return to fitness. Walking is important, and it can be started as soon as mom feels comfortable doing so. By starting off slow, a new mom can ease into an interval or strength training program.

Battling the “Mommy Belly”

Most new mom’s wonder how to get rid of a jiggly belly, and some wonder if they will ever have a toned, flat tummy. As long as a mom follows a solid exercise and nutrition plan, it can be done, and those who exercised throughout pregnancy will find the process easier.

Set Attainable Goals

To simplify a post-baby exercise plan, the routine should be easy to follow. Consistency is crucial, and new mom’s can often benefit from streamlined workouts at a Fitness Centre in Bedford MA. Fifteen minutes is enough to make a tired mom feel amazing, and it will provide enough energy to power through the day.


The most important tip for those struggling to lose the baby weight is to have realistic expectations. Believing that results will come instantly is a sure way to become frustrated and to give up. Many factors affect results, such as pregnancy weight gain, diet, exercise programs, and postpartum care. A pound per week is a realistic goal for most women. There’s no waiting for the right time. The longer a new mommy puts off her workout plan, the more trouble she will have getting started later.

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