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Why Pick Custom Shutters Instead of Blinds?

Why Pick Custom Shutters Instead of Blinds? Posted on July 29, 2016

Both shutters and blinds are meant to cover windows and offer style, as well as a way to keep out sun, but many customers wonder why they should pick custom shutters instead of blinds for their window treatments.

Custom Shutters Are More Durable, Help Regulate Temperature

Custom shutters are more durable than blinds. They are made with solid frames that are made of material meant to hold up to things like wind, storms, etc. Plus, they completely block out the sun, and can stop other things like sand or dirt from blowing into the window. Plus, shutters help to regulate room temperature because they help to control the movement of air throughout the house.

Shutters Add Value, Curb Appeal to Homes

Custom shutters add more value and curb appeal to a house than blinds. People love hard, solid shutters vs. fabric or vinyl blinds. Plus, shutters last longer than blinds which means less maintenance in the future vs. having to replace them or repair them.

Shutters Have Environmental Benefits

If you want to help out the environment, custom shutters are also the greener choice over blinds. Many shutters are biodegradable, while vinyl or PVC blinds are not. Plus, if necessary, you can recycle shutters if they are made of aluminum, stainless steel and some other types of materials.
All in all, custom shutters had a great appeal to any home, plus they are useful to keep out the elements, as well as easy to clean and better for the environment, and if you want to get more information and live in Fletcher, NC, call Blinds and Designs at (828) 687-7882. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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