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Dos and Don’ts When Boarding Your Dog

Dos and Don’ts When Boarding Your Dog Posted on August 29, 2018

If you are going on a vacation or a business trip, you may want to consider luxury boarding for dogs to ensure the best possible care of your furry friend. While you can choose to hire a pet sitter or have a family member watch over your pets, boarding is an excellent alternative. However, you will need to do a bit of planning to get everything ready for your impending trip.

Do Some Research

You want to be sure that the boarding facility you choose in Horsham, PA, has the services you and your pet need. Those who have a pet who is high-energy will want to be sure plenty of exercises offered. Every pet has its personality and desires, so you will want to ask questions to ensure the facility offers what you need. It’s also a fantastic idea to tour the facility before your trip to be sure it meets your needs and is clean.

Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Pet

Before you drop your pet off for luxury boarding for dogs, you want to be certain everything is prepared and in order. As an example, if your pet doesn’t have the proper vaccinations, they may not be allowed to stay at the facility. In most cases, your pet will need to have been vaccinated for Bordetella, rabies, parvo, distemper, hepatitis, and parainfluenza.

Do Discuss Your Needs

You’ll want to take the time to discuss important factors such as your pet’s medication, diet, and behavioral quirks before leaving them at a kennel. Find out if you can bring your pet’s food so they aren’t eating something unfamiliar. Be certain that any medication your pet may need is available. It should be labeled and include instructions on the bottle. Some pets may also appreciate having special toys or clothing to keep them comfortable while you are gone.

Luxury Boarding in Horsham

K9 Resorts of Horsham PA offers outstanding accommodations and services for your pet.

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