Key Qualities to Expect from your Residential Interior Designer

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Interior Designer

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It stands to reason that a residential interior designer will have a great sense of style and taste. However, there are plenty of other qualities you will find in the best interior designers out there. When choosing a designer for your home, you want to be sure they have your best interests in heart. We’ll go over the qualities you want from your designer in this article.

Ability to Multi Task

You will often be working with your designer one-on-one, but that designer is working with all sorts of other people behind the scenes. This person will be talking to various vendors to ensure your design is created in the best way. That’s why multitasking is an important skill for any interior designer to have.

Creative Skills

Every designer is going to bring something unique to the people they work for. This is due to the creativity that is inherent for most designers. Most people aren’t interested in a design that looks the same as everyone else’s. That’s why you want a creative partner who can find ways to make your home unique.

Listening Skills

A residential interior decorator is someone who has to have exceptional communication skills. You are looking to design a home that fits your style, which means the designer must have a grasp of your personality. You should also expect a designer to listen to what you need and want on a functional and aesthetic level.

Knowledge of Styles

While many designers specialize in one style or another, it’s also important to have an awareness of a few distinct styles and how to incorporate them into a home. You don’t want every part of your home to look the same. You also don’t want it to appear to be a copy of the home of the guy down the street. You want someone who offers various techniques to provide a customized result.


Nobody wants to work with someone who isn’t capable of being professional. As you are paying money for a design, you can expect an excellent designer to be just as professional as any other expert. Someone who acts aloof or uncaring is unlikely to provide what you want.

The Right Designer

Everyone is going to enjoy different designer’s work and style, just as every person has a different vision for their home. If you are looking for a fantastic designer, consider finding out more about Zoe Feldman Design. You can look over our portfolio or get in touch at You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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