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Temperature And Humidity Controller Options For Greenhouses

Temperature And Humidity Controller Options For Greenhouses Posted on June 26, 2015

Greenhouses, either commercial or smaller versions on residential property, are found all across the country and all around the world. These may be used for food production, for horticulture studies and research, or simply to provide a beautiful area of natural greenery. Having the right temperature and humidity controller system within any size of greenhouse is essential for top production and healthy vegetation.

The benefit to using a misting system as a temperature and humidity controller is the natural aspect of this method. Moisture in the air is necessary for the plants, and maintaining the optimal humidity is critical for growth of all types of plants from a few heirloom tomatoes in a home greenhouse to wholesale growing of tropical plants.

However, as any gardener knows, different plants require different levels of humidity and different temperatures to grow and thrive. By using a temperature and humidity controller system with full operator adjustment possibilities, your greenhouse can be set to grow succulents and cacti to lush tropical with a simple adjustment of the system.

Humidity and Temperature

There is a definite link between temperature and humidity which greenhouses can capitalize on in the hot summer months. By managing humidity, especially through the use of misting systems, it is possible increase or decrease the rate of evaporation in the greenhouse environment. Adjustments allow for cooling the air with increased evaporation or maintaining a warmer temperature with more humidity in the area.

With sensitive temperature and humidity controller systems it is possible to set a specific humidity level in the greenhouse, which in turn allows for more or less evaporation. This effectively maintains the temperature and provides the ideal growing conditions for any food crop or plant. It also helps to provide the necessary moisture levels in the air and limit the uptake of water through the plant roots when excessive moisture loss from the leaves occurs in overly dry air conditions.

These systems also limit the need for additional equipment such as fans, air conditioners or even the use of heaters in creating tropical conditions. Cold air or hot air pumped into the greenhouse not only stresses the plants, but it also adds to the energy use of the greenhouse, increasing the cost of maintaining the facility.

Different temperature and humidity controller options on the market today are ideal for controlling atmosphere in any greenhouse environment. These systems will allow greenhouse operators to create any climate conditions with a natural, effective and environmentally friendly control option.

At Fogo, we have been providing temperature and humidity controller misting systems for small and large greenhouses for years. To see more about how our systems work visit us online.

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