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Get Endovenous Laser Treatment to save your Legs

Get Endovenous Laser Treatment to save your Legs Posted on June 26, 2015

People who suffer from vein problems such as varicose veins often look for places where they can treat their veins and get relive from the pain that is part of their condition. Many people do not realize that something can be done to relieve the pressure of varicose veins and, therefore, have resigned themselves to living in pain. The good news is that no one has to live in pain anymore thanks to advances in science such as endovenous laser treatment, which can help eliminate painful vein issues in a minimal amount of time. The benefits of the treatment are incredible.

What is Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Endovenous Laser Treatment, often abbreviated as EVLA, is a method for treating varicose veins that has been approved by the FDA. Doctors who specialize in this procedure use a local anesthetic to dull any pain in the area. Then, they utilize ultrasounds to insert a laser catheter into the affected vein. They heat the laser slowly, which seals off the offending vein, preventing it from causing any more problems. The entire procedure is very quick, generally less than 45 minutes, and it can be performed as an outpatient service. That means the recovery time is incredibly minimal. Some people even schedule the procedure to be done during their lunch breaks and go right back to work afterwards.

Benefits of Endovenous Laser Treatment

There are many benefits to receiving EVLA. One of the biggest advantages of the procedure is how effective it is. Problem veins will be a thing of the past after EVLA. It is also very fast and will not leave any scars or marks on the skin. The results are incredible and all kinds of people, with every type of skin, can benefit from the procedure. EVLA takes place right in the doctor’s office, so no trips to the hospital will be needed. There is very little pain during the procedure and the recovery time is very short.

Find a Trained Professional

If you are interested in getting EVLA for your painful varicose veins, you will need to find someone who is trained in the procedure to get the best results. A clinic that specializes in vein treatment is the best place to look for this type of procedure.

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