Physician Locum Tenens Positions Provide Unique Opportunities

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Health

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Imagine being able to do the work you love, where you want, for as long as you want. Physician locum tenens positions allow doctors to select a job in their medical specialty in locations all over the world, for a specific amount of time. Some spend winter months in tropical locations helping out at remote hospitals or filling a staff position at a small family practice. Others choose to live in bustling cities and work in modern, leading-edge medical facilities. The freedom to travel to a variety of places and work in a range of settings is one of the benefits of locum tenens positions.

Locum Tenens Fill a Void in the Healthcare Industry
Healthcare employers hire locum tenens physicians to fill staff positions that are temporarily vacant due to maternity leave, illness, retirement or other causes. One great advantage that a physician locum tenens position offers is that there is little or no administrative work associated with running a medical practice. The physician has more time to provide quality care to patients, while the Locum Tenens staffing firm handles the administrative work. It’s all about providing quality care without being overloaded with other duties. Locum tenens physicians can spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Many Specialties From Which to Choose
So many specialities fall under the physician category. The most popular physician locum tenens positions include family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and hospitalists. There are many staffing firms that specialize in locum tenens opportunities. Physicians considering this exciting career option should choose a firm that has a proven track record for having a solid relationship with hospitals and healthcare facilities in many locations.
They should also be known for choosing top physicians and having the ability to match those experts with facilities that uphold the same high standards. Many locum tenens physicians earn more than their permanent counterparts, although their temporary position does not provide them with the same benefits.

Opportunity Knocks Often
The locum tenens lifestyle seems to open up a world of opportunity for physicians who choose this career path. Once a position matches their personal criteria of where they wish to work, and in which capacity, they can transition seamlessly onto staff without a gap in patient care.

Interim Physicians is a staffing firm specializing in locum tenens positions. Their motto is to advance quality care with doctors whose mission is the pursuit of quality patient care. They have been, and remain, a staffing firm of choice for locum tenens and healthcare employers, for over three decades. To learn more about locum tenens positions, visit

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