5 Problems Porcelain Veneers Can Solve for You

Chipped or broken teeth don’t exactly make for the best impression. If you’re conscious of your chipped tooth and can’t stand the thought of having to live with one for years, finding a dentist to put in porcelain veneers in Queens NY can be the right solution for you. Here are several dental issues that veneers can solve for you:


If you love coffee, tea, chocolate or blue berries and/or you smoke a lot, you’ll end up with stained teeth sooner rather than later. There are teeth whitening options, but this might not be enough if the discoloration has already lasted for years. Dazzling Smile Dental Group offers veneer dental services to help you get rid of the discoloration with lasting results.

Worn down

If you have small teeth or yours have worn down with age, opting for porcelain veneers in Queens NY is an easy fix. Veneers are convenient and typically used to restore the shape of your teeth, the WebMD says. You won’t have to eat or drink with your teeth worn down to a nub any longer.

Chipped or broken

Had a bad fall and broke your teeth against the side of a table? Chipped or broken teeth can wound the inside of your mouth. Look for an experienced, licensed and skilled cosmetic dentist who can help you. Ask about veneer treatments that can reshape your teeth and get rid of any sharp or dangerous edges, if applicable.

Gaps in between your teeth

If there’s a big gap between your teeth, you can use veneers to eliminate those unwanted spaces. By reshaping teeth contours, it’s easy to make those gaps disappear.

Uneven teeth

Don’t want uneven teeth? You could use veneers to get perfectly white and even teeth. Consult with a Bayside dentist so you will know more about this particular option which is also a solid fix for misalignment issues as well.

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