5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Sure You Hire Movers that Won’t Give You a Headache

Relocations can be stressful. Finding reliable and reputable out of state movers in Santa Monica, though, can do a lot to relieve much of your stress. Here are a few tips to make sure this happens:

Ask about the mode of payment

If the company only accepts cash and asks for those fees upfront, be wary. This might be an indication that you’re dealing with a dodgy company. You’ll want to take a step and back and review other options on your list.

Check your belongings

Never pay for the move until the last of your boxes have been unloaded. Then, check to make sure none of your furniture or boxes are missing. Do a home inventory before you sign a contract that says everything has been delivered. If you pay for the service or sign that contract without checking your belongings, you’d have harder time going after the company if it turns out that you’re a few furniture or boxes short.

Read and understand

Don’t just skim through the contract. Understand everything before you sign on the dotted line. If there are any additional fees that apply to you, ask the mover to explain. You could also ask for modifications to the contract. If they refuse, walk away and get help elsewhere.

Don’t wait weeks to make a claim

If any of your furniture ends up damaged during the move, don’t wait weeks before you file a claim. Otherwise, your claim can easily be rejected. File for it as soon as you see the damage, says The Spruce.

Do your homework

Never hire movers you know nothing about. Do your homework. Make a list of out of state movers in Santa Monica. Check out their pages, quotes and reviews. Then list down pros and cons to choosing each one before you finally take your pick.

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