Chronic Headaches Can Be Treated By the Chiropractors in St Louis

One of the most common types of pain people experience is headaches. Rarely, is the head pain a sign of a life-threatening condition but the pain can sometimes be so severe it makes a person think something is majorly wrong in their head. The Chiropractors in St Louis have experience working with the most common types of headaches which are tension and migraine.

Reasons For Chronic Headaches

While everyone experiences a headache from time to time, doctors label them as chronic when a person suffers from headaches fifteen days out of each month. This type of pain can make it difficult for a person to function normally and causes them to miss out on doing things they love.

One of the most common causes for chronic headaches are subluxations in the spine, especially the cervical spine region. When the vertebrae come out of their natural alignment, they place undue pressure on the nerves which lead to head pain.

Headaches can also be caused by the muscles, tendons, and ligaments not being strong enough to properly support the weight of the head. The Chiropractors in St Louis can help with both of these issues and offer promising results from chiropractic treatment.

Treatment For Chronic Headaches

When people are in pain, their first reaction is to generally reach for pain medications, but these only dull the nerve sensations, so the underlying cause is never dealt with. Taking pain medications for long periods of time can lead to kidney and liver damage. A chiropractor will help their patient take care of the cause of their pain so they will be able to find relief without risky medications.

Simple adjustments and exercises of the neck and head can help a person to overcome the underlying cause of their headache, so they can find relief. With ongoing treatment, headaches can be overcome.

If you are dealing with chronic headaches that are interfering with your life, a chiropractor can help. Contact the Back And Neck Care Center today and schedule your appointment. They will be happy to perform an examination and testing to help you determine of chiropractic care is the right form of treatment for your pain.

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