Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible Braces From An Orthodontist In Fishers IN

Many adults would like to have straighter teeth but they don’t want to wear metal braces because they’re not very attractive. When individuals visit an orthodontist in Fishers IN they have the option of invisible braces to straighten their teeth. Read the information below to learn more about braces that are very unnoticeable.

What are invisible braces and how do they work for teeth straightening?

Invisible braces are a set of aligners that fit over the top and bottom teeth. The dentist molds the aligners to fit each individual’s teeth and after wearing them for a few weeks, individuals wear a different set of aligners for continuous straightening of their teeth. This continues until the teeth shift into the correct position.

Are invisible braces as effective as metal braces for straightening teeth?

Many dental patients who want to have straight teeth choose to have invisible braces because they can be worn without being noticeable. Individuals generally have to wear invisible braces about the same length of time that traditional braces are worn. An orthodontist periodically tightens the wires on metal braces to gradually straighten the teeth. When wearing invisible braces, individuals will periodically change to a new set of aligners as their teeth move into the correct position.

Besides a better appearance, what are some other benefits of invisible braces?

When individuals wear invisible braces, they can eat any kind of food they want because they take the aligners out before eating. After eating a meal or a snack, individuals must brush their teeth, rinse off their aligners and put them back into place. People who wear invisible braces must have them placed over their teeth for approximately 20 to 22 hours every day. Invisible braces aren’t painful and not as many dental appointments are needed when wearing them. Adults and teenagers who are interested in invisible braces should call an Orthodontist in Fishers IN and schedule an appointment to discuss their options.

Individuals in Fishers who want to straighten their teeth can contact us to find out about invisible braces. This dental clinic offers various other dental procedures including crowns, bonding, bridges, teeth whitening and periodontal treatment.

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